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On August 26, 2013
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Clash between Two Major Online Dating Service Providers

A disagreement in the NY Federal Court has, of late, broken out between a couple of top online dating sites

The online dating sites involved are Anastasia and EM Online. The disagreement has come up over unjust competition, illegitimate utilization of Anastasia‘s trademark, false advertisement and so on. The hearings are being held in the NYC Federal Court. Anastasia is a United States dating organization, while EM Online is an Australian based internet dating web site. They both, nonetheless, concentrate on the U.S market. Subsequently, anybody can observe how both are fighting for the exact same market.

“Anastasia, who’ve dragged EM Online to the court, matches up American men with Russian and Ukrainian girls. NYCOnline Dating provides a substantial source of Anastasia’s clientele,” the complaint declares. “Thusly, both internet sites target the similar spot, which means that both of them are competing for similar prospective customers, with regards to the U.S Market. Via our analysis, it has become clear that ‘anastasiadatefraud’ and ‘’ are both websites designed by Elena’s Models to place a stain on Anastasia’s status . The websites’ owners cannot be recognized a result of a proxy service being used, which makes things suspicious unsurprisingly. To make matters even more dubious, these websites reroute whoever is viewing them to The foundation of the false advertising accusation stands because of the fact the two internet sites accuse Anastasiadate of cautiously and consistently scamming customers and deceive the clientele when buying their services, and then will continue to state that the accused,, is really a totally safe and reliable dating site. “The web site is meant to reveal and uncover emails composed by the women who have accounts on The email messages are repetitive, and report that ladies shown on aren’t really women looking for love, according to they are really girls who are paid to talk with men The emails look to be quite fake, and so may be accused of false advertising. Anastasiadate goes to great length to ensure that the men.”

Elena’s Models knows the claims it makes on anastasiadatefraud are not true, and had the emails written particularly to damage Anastasia’s business, the complaint states. Anastasia claims Elena’s uses the web site to promote its very own organization and release fake, damaging details about competitors. “While trying to hide under the cover of an independent, neutral forum site, actually selectively picks out the positive comments about Elena’s Models and promotes that, while trying to blast other competition aside. The site holds lots of false advertisement about Anastasiadate, that has in the long run been tinkered with by EM Online,” or so the accusation says.

According to Anastasia, has also made illegal utilisation of the branded logo design to allure clients. “Through self referential tags, while using Anastasia’s trademarks, the websites are now associated to Anastasiadate, which has made them popular search engine results,” the complaint states. Anastasiadate, needlessly to say, are pressing for charges. Anastasia are being defended by Richard C. Yeskoo.

Anastasiadate’s online dating services include getting together with “some of the planet’s most desirable women!” “You simply can’t find a superior internet dating service anywhere else,” according to the site. It identifies itself as “your quickest way to a stack of replies, genuine and affectionate women, 24/7 customer support and security.”

On, an anon author says that he knows everything with regards to the web site. Anastasiadate pays women to log in and pose as single women searching for love, and are paid to do this by the same company, according to him. A girl form the Ukraine told him these details, which is why he’s now exposing it to everyone. He claims the third-party agencies assure women “high revenue and flexible schedule” to email and chat with American men. The only listed qualifications are to be 18 or older, to know English, and also to know how to make use of a computer, according to the website.

According to the same writer, the girl recommended Elena’s Models since, according to her, was a much more professional site.

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