Boys’ jobs and girls’ jobs – so who returns the Asos package?

On The One Show, the PM suggested that there are traditional gender-defined tasks in a relationship. But some of modern life’s chores are a bit more complicated

Times were when Tory leaders had to run around reversing gender stereotypes. Witness David Cameron’s WebCameron project, where he was filmed “candidly” washing the dishes at his modest west London mansion.

Well, Theresa May isn’t interested in signalling to the electorate that she is Tory Nouveau, Lite or Gluten Free. She will never hug a hoodie or a husky or pass out in a bashment tent at Notting Hill Carnival. As with taking the National Trust to task over dropping the word “Easter” from their egg hunt, this is a PM who is comfortable to luxuriate in unblinking small-c conservatism. This was also evident during her appearance on The One Show, alongside husband Philip, there to report that his wife wasn’t a robot. Asked whether the PM was a tough negotiator in their marriage, he said: “Well, there’s give and take … I get to decide when I take the bins out. Not if I take them out.”

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Alex Vidal