The phenomenal popularity of online dating is not without its issues. For every ten stories of couples living happily ever after, there are tales of broken hearts, life savings being lost and even criminal convictions. Read our guide to the top dating scams and remember, if your princess charming seems too good to be true, the chances are, she is.

Don’t Send Anyone Money

heart broken by a scammerMy first point would seem like common sense, but you would be surprised at the number of people that fall for it again and again. Don’t send a woman you have met online money. If the person you are chatting with asks you for cash, be extremely careful when making the decision whether to send it or not. It doesn’t matter how convincing the story is, how tear-jerking the plea for help is, you should ever part with cash if you have never seen the person in the flesh. You never know who you are speaking to; you don’t know who is in the photographs and even if you have had a Skype call with them, you can never be 100% sure that their intentions are genuine.

Be On Guard

Be vigilant at all times about the kind of information that you give out. Scammers can be clever and manipulative and have developed ways of getting victims to let their guard down and reveal all kinds of sensitive information when chatting online. Examples can include address, a monetary value of specific possessions, bank details, passport or ID information, social security numbers and passwords. If a girl is asking for a lot of information, be careful just how much you share as you never know what she is doing with it.

Use the Web for Background Checks

Use the internet to do a background check on your potential beau. It is always worth using Google to search them by name and see what pops up. Look for news articles, Facebook, and other social media profiles to see if what you are being told matches up with what is on these platforms. There are also sites you can use where you upload a picture that a prospective love interest has sent you, and the site will tell you where else on the internet it has been posted. That is a fantastic way of exposing someone who has stolen someone else’s pictures to create a false identity.

The internet can be a wonderful place and thousand of happy couples all around the world have met online, but it is important to be aware that not everything is as it seems. As the old saying goes, It is better to be safe than sorry.