Dating a girl from China will be unlike any experience you have had before. Not only are Chinese women completely different in attitude, tone, and the way that they conduct themselves, but many cultural and social differences can confuse and intrigue you. Here we will explore some general rules concerning etiquette and customs that should be applied not only to your date but to anyone Chinese that you happen to encounter.

Chinese datingAlways Be Early

Punctuality is the height of good manners and shows that you have the utmost respect for the person you are meeting. Being late indicates that you think their time is worthless and will be met with a less than favourable reaction.

Be Discreet

Public displays of affection either between friends or couples are frowned upon. You may throw your arms around her and hug her. Going beyond that isn’t a good idea. Chinese dating differs a lot from the Western dating world in this aspect.

Choose Your Colours Wisely

Colours are a very important and symbolic part of Chinese culture and the various meanings behind each one ca vary significantly from what we are used to. Be particularly wary of yellow and white when choosing gifts or cards, as they can symbolise pornographic material and bad luck respectively.

Don’t Bring Up Politics

Whilst things should be used as a rule of thumb in polite conversation anywhere; it is especially true in China. China’s political system and its fascinating history are rather controversial, to say the least. Everyone does not share that opinion. One should be very careful when broaching the subject or offering opinions. Because you can never be sure of the political leanings of who you are speaking to.

Take Your Shoes Off Before Entering a Home

That is extremely important as wearing outdoor shoes inside will be seen as a great offence. Once you have your shoes off, be careful not to show the soles of your feet as this is also considered to be very rude. Be sure to point them away from other guests and be sure to adjust your position if someone moves behind you.