Writing any letter is usually a time consuming experience that takes a bit of an effort. Especially when you are unsure about what to write. The task is even more difficult if you are writing to a stunning Asian woman for the first time. She lives in a completely different culture and you may not know anything about it. The other issue is that you want to leave a very good first impression so she’d write you back.

We’ve put together this article in order to help you out with this introductory letter. Here are a couple of tips you can follow:

Stick with the Essential

There are three bits of important information that need to be included in your introductory letter: gender, age and location. Where in the letter you put this information isn’t relevant. Just don’t forget it and don’t forget to introduce yourself, too.

Add Where You Got the Info

After you’re done with a short introduction, tell her where you got her contact info from. You can say you found her through the AsiaDate.con site and then add why you felt the need to write her.

Some Information About Your Person

Don’t make the letter only about you and don’t make it only about her either. Let her know a few things about yourself. Briefly mention what your interests and hobbies are. What your everyday life is like and so forth. Don’t give out too much personal information just yet.
Keep it short and sweet.

Give Her a Chance to Reply

You can do that by not making the letter one-sided. Include questions about her. The questions can be similar to those you answered about yourself – what do you love to do? What are your hobbies? What is your day to day life like?

Don’t Force it at the End

When you close a letter, you shouldn’t ask her to reply right away. It will sound like writing is an obligation to her. Make her feel comfortable and add that you’re happy to be writing to someone from another culture and end the letter with something casual like: “Sincerely”, “Your friend” and so on.

Writing to a stunning Asian woman for the first time isn’t an easy task but if you keep these tips in mind you’ll do great!