If there’s one thing every guy dating a Russian woman must know about the Russian culture it’s they believe in superstitions. You may be thinking that what does that have to do with you dating a Russian. A lot more than you know because the have superstitions about everything and that includes relationships. If you want to keep your relationship stable you need to figure out what those are.

1. Russian Relationship Superstition: Rings

One shouldn’t remove their wedding ring to show it to others. When a Westerner asks, “Can I have a look at your wedding ring for a second? It’s gorgeous”, you would take it off right there without thinking twice about it. What’s the harm, right? In Russian culture it is absolutely unacceptable. Taking off the ring means taking off the love and happiness and giving it to that person. This applies to both women and men. Russian relationship superstitions

If you want to marry a Russian woman, you need to keep this in mind and only show off your ring while holding your hand up. Don’t remove your symbol of love!

2. Russian Relationship Superstition: Feet

Let’s say you happen to step on your Russian girlfriend’s foot. Don’t be too surprised if she does the same thing to you intentionally because the Russian relationship superstition says that if she doesn’t do it you two will be in a serious fight soon after.

3. Russian Relationship Superstition: Looking back

This point has to do with looking back on your way to church during the big day. This would mean that you are looking back to your former life, former home, former partners and so on. The whole ceremony has to do with stepping forward into a brighter new future. This applies to both men and women and is crucial to remember.

3.-4. Russian Relationship Superstitions: Flowers

Flowers are seen as a nice gesture in the Russian culture but you must remember these two points before you rush outside to buy them:

1) Say no to yellow – Bringing yellow flowers to a date with a Russian women will be a disaster – in their culture it means the relationship will end because of an enormous fight.

2) Odd numbers are good – The number of flowers you get should be an odd number. Russian relationship superstitions are fascinating because they run so deep that they actually dictate the number of flowers you should get your lady. Odd numbers work for happy occasions. Even numbers for funerals so pay attention to this!

6. Russian Relationship Superstition: Cards

Do you happen to be single and great at playing cards? In that case Russians will believe that you are an unlucky guy in love. It’s unusual but they do have a saying that if you win with playing cards, you don’t win with love.

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This concludes our list of Russian relationship superstitions. The origins of these superstitions are legend and can’t really be traced back to anything certain but they sure are interesting to read about. Check back with us for more posts about dating Russian women, the Russian culture and more.