Dating internationally has never been as easy as it is now. There are many high-quality online dating services that offer a vast variety of dating tools that makes it easy to connect to people from around the globe. Thanks to the availability of said tools, a lot of western men are getting into dating Asian women. There are other things to pay attention to other than just signing up to a site. Without sufficient knowledge of the local dating culture, you will not get too far. We are here to help you out with pointers – find out how to approach Asian women when dating them online:

1. Not a good idea to be aggressive.

Asian womenOr assertive as we are used to calling it. In Asia, aggressive or even just assertive behaviour may not go over so well. Don’t overwhelm the ladies with messages when they don’t respond right away. When you do get an answer, show how happy you are to be talking to them. Respect is absolutely key when dating women from this culture.

2. Keep it simple.

Asian women usually have a great education but not all of them have the opportunity to practice their English so when you send them letters, keep it simple. At least at first. Once you’ve been talking for a while you will have a better understanding of what her grasp of the language is and perhaps you can change your approach then. If she doesn’t speak English well at all, you can make use of a translator. The best online dating portals offer their services.

3. No pick-up lines.

Too much will get lost in translation and you can end up offending someone. Remember that the ladies probably don’t speak great English. Pick up lines do not work in the Asian dating culture.

4. Have patience.

Things move much slower in the Asian dating scene than what we are used to. You need to be much more patient here – don’t rush your date into anything otherwise you completely blow your chances.


If you remember the pointers provided here and do a little research on your own, you should do great with dating Asian women. Keep these tips in mind and come back soon for more Asian dating tips.