Somehow it is much easier to make life-changing decisions when love or big emotions are involved. Bare that in mind when you’re thinking about marrying a Chinese woman you’ve met online.

Most of these cases involve a lot of communicating over the web: there are emails, video chats, audio chats and so on. Only a few times do people meet face to face and therefore it is very easy to be swept away by those rare moments. Let’s say you’ve spoken to someone online for almost a year and you’re finally going to meet in person. You may be feeling like you should pop the question. Instead of going ahead with that consider these points: marryingachinesewoman

1. Spend more time together

It doesn’t seem that way but hundreds of hours of chatting online amounts to only 10 full days or so. It is important to be realistic – writing to each other a lot and spending time video chatting isn’t a substitute for being together in person. The advantages of meeting up and spending time together are obvious: you get a feel of how the person really is and how you really feel about them and the quality of communication is much better.

2. Where are you in your relationship?

Do you consider yourselves as dating exclusively? It is important to figure this out prior to visiting the other person and asking the big question. It is important to look past the only happy early stages and allow the relationship to have its ups and downs before making such a life changing commitment. We feel like every relationship needs to be tested to see if it can last through the tough times.

3. The culture.

The differences in the Western and Eastern cultures have broken up quite a few couples. People forget to factor in how much this counts. Asian people are very ingrained to their culture and the women’s adjustment to anything different really depends on the coping skills she possesses. How to be sure she has great coping skills? Spend more time together.

4. The facts.

People feel more comfortable communicating on the web but not everyone is always completely honest. It is easy to exaggerate when you don’t actually get together with someone. When you do it becomes very clear if your assumptions are true or need to be corrected. Don’t be too surprised if you have to hear some confessions.

5. Visa issues

You need to do research in this area. A lot depends on which country you are in. For understandable reasons you need to be aware of the visa rules around bringing home someone you’ve married who’s from another country.

Do Some Thinking

Marrying someone you’ve been dating online isn’t something you should rush into. Take some time before you propose. Go on real dates with your lovely Asian partner and get to know her better before you make the big decision.