Dating is always very fun with someone who is easy going, someone you have a lot in common with and who is really into the date. Wouldn’t we all want our experiences to be like this? The truth is that dates can be boring and some may even make you want to bail after the first 15 minutes.

Maybe you’re one of the guys who has gotten bored with the dating scene where you are from and now you’re looking to date someone exotic. This article details 5 good reasons why you should date an Asian womandate an Asian woman

1. Asian women love eating.

Going out for lunch or dinner is a great idea with Asian girls. They’re open to trying new types of cuisine and are interested in trying out fun new spots. Depending on the mood or time of day you can take her to a nice coffee place, a good pub or a classy restaurant. It doesn’t need to be anything expensive.

2. Asian girls are into geeky stuff.

Naturally this is a bit of a generalization but it’s still quite true. Are you familiar with Pokemon or Digimon? Guess where they originate from? Anime and everything Kawaii are very popular with Asian cultures so you can bring this up on dates – it won’t be embarrassing like it might be with dating a Western woman.

3. Asian girls are not difficult to approach.

It is important in Asian cultures to be respectful to people they’re with. Politeness is a huge part of how they behave. When you decide to talk to an Asian girl, you won’t be shut off or shrugged off. If she’s not into you, she may give you some hints but you won’t get an aggressive rejection.

4. Asian girls have exotic beauty.

You are probably well aware of this point. Asian women are stunning. Each with a different kind of beauty that depends on which country is she from but they all have something in common: beauty that is absolutely captivating.

5. Asian women are feminine.

They embrace their femininity. They are elegant, graceful, kind, loving and they acknowledge the help of a man. A lot of guys find it attractive how it is natural for them to have the skills of taking care of the household. A typical Asian woman is brought up to be aware of traditional ways of living.