The rules and understandings around dating can be very different from one culture to the next. That which you are used to in the West can be completely and absolutely unacceptable in the East. For example the Chinese culture has thousands of years of traditions that still exist today and if you have an interest in dating Chinese women you need to know what those are. We have listed 5 key differences you will experience:

1. School Comes Before Dating dating cinese women

As you probably already know, education is a priority in Asia and China is no exception. Most young students will be burning their midnight oil to do better in school and be ready for the Chinese college entrance exams and that doesn’t leave too much time for dating. High school students will have their secret puppy love crushes and distant admiration but serious dating usually happens once they are done with their studies.

2. Parents Play a Role

In the West it is a bit unusual for parents to get involved in their son’s or daughter’s dating life but it is the opposite in China. They are more involved than you want to think about. If it happens that a parent or a grandparent doesn’t approve of you then you have no chance to continue the relationship.

3. The Practicality

In the West, people have an idea that love and relationships happen if two people fall in love and build a life together. There are the butterflies in the stomach, lots of romance, hearts beating fast and the fireworks with the first kiss.

It is different in China where sometimes relationships happen for practical reasons. Couples may marry for stability – the guy has a good job and a house and the woman will run her own business or the home. It isn’t always about love in Chine but of course that does happen as well. A great number leans towards practicality though.

4. No Intimacy Before Marriage

By now you can probably tell that China is a very conservative country. Typically it is expected that the couple gets to their first intimate act on their wedding night. When they practice intimacy before the marriage it can have serious consequences for the relationships in the family. Sometimes couples hide this part of their lives.

Chinese women usually view intimacy as a sign that the relationship is moving towards a marriage but Chinese men usually wish to marry a virgin.

5. The Pressure

Aside from the pressure people feel regarding their academic life, there is another pressure post-academically – the huge pressure to find a good husband or a good wife. The families apply this pressure – they want the best for the people they care about. The pressure gets even worse once Chinese men and women pass the age of 27-30 and haven’t gotten married.

Dating Culture in China

How do you feel about the Chinese dating culture? It is so radically different from the Western world and that is why there are Chinese women who prefer online dating or moving to the other side of the world to find a husband – they may want to escape all the pressure their culture puts on them.