Let’s presume that you have online dated an Asian woman for a while and now you’re in a stage where you can call her your girlfriend. Because of the lack of physical presence in your relationship you need to maintain it through communicating as often as you can. This article offers you 4 great ways you can stay in touch with your Asian date:

1. Using the dating site’s features.

Provided that you met your partner via an online dating site, you can check the page for the features it has to offer. If you’ve been in online dating for a while then you are aware of how the features work but if you happen to be new, please be aware that most dating sites charge you a certain amount for using their features and that may include all: chatting, emailing and video conferencing with a woman.

There are several free communication options such as Viber or Skype but some ladies do not feel comfortable and marryingachinesewomansafe when communicating off the dating portal. There are plenty of reasons for that but the main one probably is that the website has safety measurements in place and can protect both her and you as well. The best course of action is creating a budget and scheduling your time together.

2. Look into FREE options.

Nowadays it is easy to simply use Google for tons of free communication options. There is Skype, KakaoTalk(popular with Asians), Viber, Yahoo Messenger(also very popular with Asians) and so on. There are so many to choose from but make sure that your Asian partner has access to them.

Most of the free options only require a stable internet connection, therefore as long as you are connected you can send short messages at any time.

Here is a small list of the best free communication options:

Yahoo Messenger
Kakao Talk

3. Writing

You have two options for this: you can either send emails or use the old school snail mail. Emailing is very convenient, you can write a message very fast and get a response fast as well. But snail mail is very romantic and you might consider this option as a way to show your Asian girlfriend that side of you.
It may be that it takes a while before the woman is comfortable with revealing her real address. Just be patient.

4. Talking

If your Asian partner doesn’t have internet access, then you can give her a call. Calling overseas can be quite expensive in some cases but we have a few great suggestions:

Skype Credits: It is possible to buy credits for calling a cellphone from any country. The rates for these calls are very competitive.
Viber Credits: Viber offers a similar way of calling.
MagicJack: With MagicJack you have a free 30-day trial you can use.

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There are many options out there about how you can best stay in touch with your Asian girlfriend. Look for a strategy that is good for your wallet. And don’t forget to factor in your Asian partner’s opinion. For more Asian dating tips, visit back soon.