Travelling to Hong Kong for a vacation or business? Perhaps you are moving there for school or relocating permanently. Whatever it is, you will have the time of your life because you get to date in Hong Kong. In this article, we take a look at what kind of ladies you can meet over there, and we have found that they can be put in four categories.

1. The Cantonese Woman

date in Hong KongThe vast majority of ladies you are going to meet in Hong Kong are local Cantonese. They are easy to spot by their build and often their platform shoes. They are in general petite, with round eyes and a beautiful face with a soft expression. Unfortunately, it is very likely that they do not speak good English and therefore are not that easy to approach. They are cautious of foreigners. If you can, invite them and some other people out on a group date to make them feel more comfortable.

2. The Mainland Lady

Plenty of women move to Hong Kong from the countryside to try and make a better life for themselves. They moved to this gigantic city for all the opportunities it has to offer. These ladies are often, unfortunately, looked down upon by local women. The divide between city and country folk exists there as well. These women see foreigners as a way to socialize, so they are easier to approach.

3. The Chinese Expat

These are women who have lived somewhere else other than China for a long time. While you are meeting these ladies in Hong Kong, it will feel like meeting a Westerner, they speak great English, and they also have English manners. They are not difficult to approach, and you can have a lot of fun chatting these ladies up.

4. The Business Expat

Since so many companies are located in Hong Kong, it does not fall short of the multitude of women who have moved there for a job in a business of one kind or another. They are a mixture of nationalities; often one parent is Chinese and the other from some Western country. While they are a fun time when you go out with them but they are also very busy. So if you are looking for long-term commitment, then dating this type of a woman in Hong Kong probably won’t do.