Did you get that gorgeous Korean woman to go out with you? Good for you! Let’s assume you have done enough research on the best locations for your first date and you’ve made reservations. Also you’ve ordered the perfect bouquet for her. As a bonus gesture you even bought a nice little gift for her. You have it all planned out. What you need to do now is to figure out what topics to discuss and not to discuss when dating a Korean woman.

Don’t bring up Japan. date a Korean woman

These two countries – Korea and Japan have a long and complicated history with one another. Starting from wars an ending with plagiarism, the list goes on forever. Despite the fact that these countries aren’t in military conflict right now, you should still keep from bringing Japan up. Just to be on the safe side. You want to put your best foot forward, as the cliché says.

Anything on the topic of sex is off limits.

Korea is the opposite to the Western world where people talk about sex very openly. People are very used to it and comfortable around this subject. You can hear about this everywhere. In Korea the women grow up in a much more conservative environment than their western counterparts and you should respect it. Don’t even try to bring up any talk of sexual preferences or anything to that nature. If she happens to open the topic then still keep in mind that respect is the most important value in Korea.

Don’t discuss war, politics and North Korea

Everyone knows about the problems this region faces. People over there don’t openly discuss these matters and if you don’t want to upset your date you shouldn’t bring any of this up. It may of course be that your lady happens to be very fascinated with these issues but that is a slim chance. Again, if she brings it up then go for it but remember to be respectful. Especially with any critique of her country’s politics.

Don’t get personal right away and stick your nose into family business.

Even though you are in that stage of the (potential) relationship where you want to learn as much as you can about her, getting too deep with questions about her family will be a turn off. You can ask about how they are health-wise, their well-being and their school or work life. Anything about relationships is off limits. Once you are heading towards serious commitment with her you will get to learn about her family more. Be polite with your Korean date and move away from questions to discuss sports, hobbies, books, music, their culture and so on.