When you think about Asian women, what is the first thing that pops into your head?

It may be that they are gorgeous, they are interesting, great to be around, they are exotic and so on. All these points are true. Most Asian women that you meet have all these qualities but don’t get excited just yet. Most of the time those girls aren’t interested in serious relationships. Note that we said most of the time, not always.

If you really want to start seriously dating Asian women, then you should know all the following:

1. Don’t travel to Asia right away to find your dream woman dating Asian women

You are much better off signing up to an online dating site and spending time to get to know some women before you put money into a long trip and there are no guarantees that you will meet the right girl when you are travelling there. Save your money, build a great online dating site and chat with a lot of different women. When you take a trip it is much more likely that you come across dozens of fun-loving girls which is completely counterproductive to what you are trying to accomplish.

2. Forget what you think you know about dating

Dating rules differ from culture to culture and may also differ from person to person. The Asian dating scene is much more conservative than what you are used to. There are lots of things you need to learn before you engage in it. Do yourself the favour of conducting research into the Asian dating culture just to make sure that everything goes smoothly and you don’t mess anything up.

3. Ask Asian friend for advice

Provided that you have some Asian friends – ask for their advice. Ask them how you should behave, what you should and shouldn’t say. What kind of presents should you bring or definitely not bring. If you don’t have any Asian friends to go to then just log into any Asian dating forum and ask the users there. People are always happy to share their experiences, be they good or bad.

4. Good Girl Asian Style

What you as a westerner consider to be good qualities in a woman may not be seen as good qualities in a woman by Asian standards. There are some of them that are considered to be warning signs:

*An Asian girl goes out alone
*She dates strangers
*She doesn’t have a lot of friends

Dating Asian Women

Search the web for more warning signs and also keep in mind the tips we listed here. Prepare yourself the best you can and then you are ready for seriously dating Asian women.