Getting a date with an Asian woman isn’t difficult as long as you know what to do and what NOT to do. The right approach is obvious – you need to be a gentleman with good intentions. What not to do is a bit more complicated because it involves having some knowledge of the Asian cultures. We are here to help you out with 4 tips about what not to do when dating an Asian woman.

Don’t no. 1 – Never, ever, tell an Asian woman you have a “thing” for Asian girls. Asian woman

Everybody wants to be treated as an individual an with respect. Asian women are no different from people of other nationalities and races. Telling an Asian woman you have a “thing” for Asian women only will make you come across as someone with an obsession or a fetish towards her and she will feel objectified. Stay away from guessing her ethnicity and nationality as well. She must get this all the time and is probably very tired of hearing this. You won’t be getting a second date with that approach.

Don’t no. 2 – Don’t play it too safe.

We have all heard that the Asian cultures are very conservative but if it’s a date then these ladies enjoy an adventure. If you play it too safe you come across very boring. Instead of taking her to a fancy dinner or simple coffee try to be more creative than that. The best idea is taking her to places that let her get to know the real you better. If you happen to love surfing and eating shrimp, then why not take her to a lovely restaurant by the sea that offers shrimp. A great tip with taking someone on a date where you eat is previously asking if that someone happens to have food allergies.

Don’t no. 3 – Don’t be stereotypical about her.

It often happens that Western men are attracted to Asian women because of the ideal stereotypes you see all over the media. All you hear about Asian women is that they are really submissive, love to take care of the husband and kids. The women are very characterized by ancient gender roles. Asia is not the West though it still has grown into the modern times a bit. There has been a movement towards equality in the work force so many more women these days are now getting an education and are going for a career. At the same time they still have the elements of their traditional upbringing where they do love to cook and love the idea of creating a family. It is important that you remember to love your Asian girl for who she is and not who you want her to be.

Don’t no. 4 – Don’t forget respect.

Respect is the most important value in the Asian cultures. It is the first thing Asian nationalities exhibit and it shows with everything starting from how people treat their families to their amazing work ethic. Dating a woman from that culture means you must show her respect, otherwise you won’t be accepted in the community. Remember – respect begets respect.

Remember These Points

Remember these 4 things you should never do when dating Asian women. Treat her well and you’ll have a happy relationship.