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On November 27, 2015
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For those that do not know – a red flag indicates that you need to be careful because someone you’ve been talking to may be trying to scam you. Asian women are in high demand in the online dating world and scammers have started to see this as a way to take advantage of others. There are plenty of them out there looking for gullible guys.

It’s a fact that there are people who’ve been exploited by a scammer pretending to be an Asian woman who is looking for a relationship online. For these reasons it is crucial that you are familiar with these online dating red flags:

Red Flag #1: When someone asks you for money.

online datingThis is the most obvious and common red flag out there. Some people don’t wait too long to ask. Others may work for it – they will be in long conversations with you and wait for you to get very comfortable and ask then. They may make up several reasons: paying for school, having lost their job, paying medical bills, needing to pay the rent and so forth. No one decent has the habit of doing this.

REMEMBER: If you happen to be a nice guy that loves to help people then saying no may be difficult for you but don’t take this lightly. There is plenty of evidence out there showing how people have gotten scammed for significant sums of money.

Red Flag #2: The excuses.

Let’s say you have been online talking to this Asian woman for quite some time now and you’ve brought up meeting face to face but every time you do they try to get out of it. It may be that some people are very shy and need to feel more sure about meeting up but if this goes on for a long time, then there must be a problem. Talking about getting together and having video chats and voice calls is normal in online dating. If she is avoiding all of it then it’s a red flag.

Red Flag #3: The inconsistencies.

Even a professional liar can’t keep on lying for long periods of time. If you notice that the Asian woman you’re in conversation with suddenly changes very important facts like when her birthday is or how many brothers and sisters she has then you must be careful. Obviously it’s normal to be a little distracted and accidentally say the wrong thing but if this continues it’s a big red flag.

Red Flag #4: Messages don’t sound natural.

One reason for this could be that the women don’t always speak good English but if you start noticing that the messages come across robotic – they don’t feel good intuitively then you may have an issue. Scammers may be talking to several people at the same time and respond to similar questions the exact same way.

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These are the most used ways scammer approach people online. You should read more about online dating scams because there are more red flags you need to watch out for. We will be posting more tips as well so come back for more.