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On December 20, 2015
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Filipina women are very sought after on the online dating market. They are known to be dedicated partners and are almost always in it for the long run. They are said to make great wives and mothers. The thing they are most serious about is their family. Knowing this makes westerners interersted in dating these ladies. Preperations are needed before you get into dating and we are here to provide you helpful tips.

1. Getting drunk.

Filipino womenIn the western world, acohol has a lot to do with daily life. There probably isn’t a party where there is no alcohol and there are plenty of reasons for westerners to party. In the Filipino culture, getting drunk is frowned upon. You will be an object of ridicule if you get too tipsy and make yourself look silly. It isn’t respected in any way.

2. Talking about yourself a lot.

It is understandable that you would like to impress the Filipino women you are dating but going on and on about your achievements isn’t the way to go. Modesty is respected in that culture much more than being proud of personal achievements. These people are very community oriented and therefore have a bigger appreciation for someone who takes interest in other people.

3. Being secretive.

In the Filipino culture, being secretive and mysterious is not a good idea. In the west it may come accross as sexy – a mysterous person must be interesting. In the East however people have a greater interest in people. Your date may ask you many questions about yourself and it shouldn’t intimidate you. At first it will seem aggressive but it is a locally accepted norm.

4. Complaining.

Westerners are used to complaining. There truly is no better way to put it. There is complaining about how hard the work is, how the weather sucks, how you don’t like some people. If you want to leave a good impression on your Filipino date then you should keep from complaining about anything. People over there are used to hardships and you will come across as weak if you allow yourself to sulk over little things.