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On December 23, 2015
Last modified:February 5, 2019


Since you are reading this article, we assume that you have met a beautiful Chinese woman you would like to impress. That despite you being on the other side of the planet. This article lists helpful tips for how you can impress Chinese ladies online.

But before we get into this topic any further, there is something you need to understand about the Chinese dating culture. Actions speak louder than words there. In the west words matter more but wit these ladies it will not be enough. That doesn’t cancel out the need for emotional projection, though. It is also important, but actions are much more respected.

1. Sending flowers or presents.

Chinese ladiesSince you live on the other side of the world, the actions you can take are limited. So if you make an effort and send her a bouquet of flowers to her workplace, then you score many points. Flowers being sent to the workplace is common in China. It would be even nicer to add a box of chocolates and a nice note to go along with the flowers.

You can arrange this by using your online dating service but if you set it up yourself – it will be even more impressive. You will probably need a little help from someone that has the grasp of the language when you go in this way.

2. Start the conversations.

As mentioned before: actions speak louder than words if you need to impress Chinese ladies online. There are three main ways if communicating online: email, chat and video conference. At first, you will likely talk at random times – like when you both happen to be online at the same time. As time passes and your appreciation for each other grows, you have probably developed an understanding that scheduling conversations would work better for the two of you. When the time comes – be the one that takes the initiative. Send the first message, make suggestions for the schedule and so on/

3. Visiting her.

If you’re relationship has grown enough for you to want to meet someone then it is time to start planning. Before you do that of course, you need to be aware of how she feels about you going. It wouldn’t be a good idea to surprise someone like this. Make sure it happens under the right circumstances.


Dating Chinese women online is a lot of fun if you do it right. Be more about actions than words and enjoy success at online dating.